Monday, May 13, 2013

Baguio: Flower Capital of the Philippines Day 2

It was our second day in Baguio. I woke up by 6 am, and guess what, the streets were already filled with tons and tons of people! The float parade started by 8 am, we were just lucky that we were able to see those floats from our hotel room. From what we saw the night before, people slept in the streets to secure their spots for the float parade. O my goodness! I thought it was crazy, but you know what, the parade was really worthy for a camp out. ;)

After the parade, we ate at Sunshine Lunch in Session Road, went shopping in Botanical Garden, and attended the mass in the Cathedral. For our dinner, we ate at Volante. Volante is famous for their affordable and delicious pizza and pasta. Sayang, we weren't able to try the 50's Diner. I heard the retro resto is really nice. Anyway, it won't be our last visit. Even though I've already been to Baguio for three times already, I still haven't visited the strawberry farm. I wanna try picking fresh berries from the farm next time.

Our two-day trip was really tiring but really fun. I was able to appreciate the Philippine culture even more. I don't know, but this festival really made me more proud of my heritage. It also woke my love for photography once again. I was also happy that I was able to travel with my family again and this time, I'm already with someone special. I hope in the future that I could travel with my parents and my own family again. 

xx Anne G. 

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