Monday, May 13, 2013

Baguio: Flower Capital of the Philippines Day 1

I've been idle on this blog for quite a while now. I've been busy with work and everyday seems to be very tiring. But.. I miss sharing photos of my little trips and chitchats with friends on this blog. And most of all, I miss my loyal readers and lurkers! hehe! ;)

Thank you for visiting my site again! 

So, last February, my family, boyfie, and I went to Baguio (Summer Capital of the Philippines) to see the Panagbenga festival 2013. It's the season in Baguio when all the flowers fully bloom. This festival is like the rose parade every new year in the US. But here in the Philippines, we celebrate it every 2nd month of the year.

It's my first time to see this beautiful festival. We left Manila at 12 AM and arrived by Saturday at around 5:30 AM in Baguio via Victory Liner Deluxe (the one with the toilet). I didn't had much sleep during our trip because of excitement! I felt really dizzy like sober with alcohol. haha! But as soon as I heard the drum rolls and high-pitched lyres, adrenaline came rushing on my veins. 

A lot of people were waiting on the streets. Major roads were closed. Who wouldn't stop for the wonderful and colorful show?! Everybody was set for the street dance competition, and it was awesome! After that, we roamed around the city and walked by foot because it was really really hard to find a cab. Luckily, our hotel was near to the mall, restos, ukays, and parks so we were able to wander the streets until midnight. 

xx Anne G.

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