Monday, December 31, 2012

Happily Ever After Starts Here

I dream of midsummer nights and the day after dawn
A circle of sorrow shall pass by tomorrow
Oh, the wind which embraces my soul searched for anyone never
A love like yours is mine forever. 

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xx Anne G.
top - Divisoria, skirt - thrifted, wedge - Baclaran, bag - thrifted, hat - Kultura

Up at Seven

It was the 1st of November and it was my birthday month. My boyfie and I decided to go to this hotel observatory called Seven Suites in Antipolo. It's near our place but I just knew about it when I read it on a magazine. I'm really interested in stargazing, So, I called them up to check if they were open, and luckily, they do!

The view was really breathtaking -- the Metro Manila skyline minus the smog. I was rushing him to get there before the sun sets. We enjoyed our little tour inside the vicinity. It's like a private hotel with an amaaaazing view. DInner is served by 6pm. We gobbled over our sumptuous unlimited pizza and pasta for only Php 250.00/head. They also have unlimited cakes and coffee for Php 200.00/head but it was not available on that day. Their best seller Vigan Longganisa Pasta was really the good! 

Seven Suites has the 4th largest telescope here in the Philippines. The observatory is open by 8pm after dinner. We were so excited for the stargazing! We saw the moon, stars, and we requested to see the building of St. Francis Square in Mandaluyong (haha!). They have an in-house astronomer who answered our intergalactic questions (hehe). 

I must say, Seven Suites is best for people who love quiet places to unwind and relax, and see the Metro in a different way. 

 For inquiries, you may call +632-6820330 or +632-6822076. Or visit them on Facebook

xx Anne G. 

The New Manila

It's been months since my last post, and I miss blogging that's why I'm baaaack baby!

I've been busy with my personal life. I'm back in the city once again, and this time, I'm already on my own with my new job (that I really prayed for). That's why I'm very grateful for the love that all of you gave me. >huuuuug<

This post was suppose to be for last October. My boyfie and I spent the day as tourists in Manila. Since it was National Museum month, the National Museum was open to public for the whole month of October. So, we took advantage of it. We saw sculptures, paintings, fossils, national costume, and almost everything that is related to Philippine culture. After that, we also went to Intramuros and roamed around a little. 

It was nostalgic, and we hope that the future generations will still be able to see the best of Manila.

xx Anne G.
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