Friday, September 28, 2012


Mirrors are the reflecting pieces of life. It could give you the sad and frowning face or the happy and smiling gaze. It's up to you to smile or to frown.

It's been a while since I had a date with my friends - my best friend Minalin (in Barney colored blouse) and Jeny (the crazy stripes). We decided to take a walk down at memory lane back when we were still in high school. We met at the mall where we usually hang out after classes - SM Manila. We used to watch fifteen peso films to spend our time together. Now, it's already twenty-five pesos! It's funny 'cause we're getting old. (Oh boy.) We watched the movie entitled "The Ward", a psycho-suspense film, which we enjoyed screaming at. It's a good way of releasing stress, trust me. 

Then, we had a funny experience at a local bookstore. I was looking at the March 2012 issue of Vogue Accessory and I wasn't really sure if it's written in English, since it was my first time to see one. It's prohibited to open sealed magazines at the bookstore. And we asked the lady at the cashier, who looks quite unsure but still said that it's written in English. Not convinced enough, my pals and I were trying to take a sneak peek at the pages to see some articles that were written in English. So, we hid it in a bunch of old magazines and we were trying to flip the pages while diverting the attention of the cashier. Not good enough, the magazine was too thick and every time they flip the pages, all that they can see are photos. Hahaha! We were laughing so hard inside the store that the personnel shush us and I bought it to end the laughing misery. All I can say is - it's really nice to have friends. 

Before we parted ways, we ate a pizza parlor called "Nanos". Their 12" inch pizza slice starts at Php 65.00 only, that's why we were enticed to try it plus their furniture pieces are handicrafts. It's great for friends who love to hang out after classes. 

It was called a day and we sealed the day with a group hugggg!
I'll miss you guys!

Don't you just love having friends?  

xx Anne G.
Top - c/o Romwe , Jeggings - local bazaar, boots - thrifted, bag - gifted

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