Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Beyond the Blush 2 - Maven Magazine

Maven Magazine recently hosted their 2nd Beyond the Blush Beauty Workshop at Glorietta 3 last Saturday. It was a day fully loaded with cosmetics, beauty, financial and career talk that can take each Maven to a higher level. 
A sweet treat from Sweet Patti Cakes
A published copy of August-September issue of Maven Magazine, with Maja Salvador as the cover girl, served as a golden ticket to everything wonderful that happened that day. 

The first workshop was by Ms. Karen Loren Agustin-Ostrea (Bb. Pilipinas Universe 2002)
of Global Image Management, she discussed beauty and personality development. Oh how I wish I could be as gorgeous as her. haha
Second workshop was by Benefit Cosmetics as presented by Ms. Mica, the make-up artist, who is looking fab on her pregnancy. She talked about everyday make-up and the famous Benetints.
Dra. Ana of Prime Skin Care Asia Inc. talked about the 4 basic skin care - Cleanse, Exfoliate, Moisturize and Sunscreen. I'm guilty of skipping the Exfoliation process, which is pretty bad.
Here's what I needed, Mr. Ben Ampil of The Working Mom Magazine. He gave financial advice and a little bit of career talk. I wish to attend more workshops/seminars from him. I'm glad they invited him over.
Ms. Marge of The Face Shop and her make-up minions demonstrated the day and night smokey eye look. I really feel envious of how Koreans have their smooth and healthy skin plus their clean and thick brows, ugh!
Last but definitely not the very least, Ms. Denise Aquino of Tokyo POSH Hair Extensions. As she said, "Hair extensions for girls who can't commit!". She made it positive by clipping on hair extensions. Haha! 
The event was hosted by the bubbly Myx VJ Bianca Roque.
A quick color analysis is conducted by Ms.Karen of Global Image Management. It was pretty cool eh?! It was the first time for me to hear color analysis that's why I can't let this one pass! Color analysis will determine which colors are suited for each unique skin tone. It was said that I'll look better on clear - cool glow colors. I was pretty amazed. O.O
Marse of Modern Maria Clara having her color analysis
A free make-over from The FACE Shop. I love how they do their eyebrows! Thank you so much! ♥
With Ms. Chris of The FACE Shop 
Thank you so much and Congratulations Maven Magazine and sponsors! I hope to see you again on your future events!   

xx Anne G.

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