Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Chinese Weekend : ToHo Restaurant

Free Soup
ToHo Fried Rice
(Good for 4 persons)
Pancit Canton
Spicy Squid

Isn't it too obvious that I love bows and polka dots that much? :D I love wearing bows and polka dots just as well as making them too! I'm also starting to fall in love with hats. I recently bought a hat from Japan Home Center and I added a bow tie to add a little something, cute? ^_^ 

After the hard pour monsoon rain last week, the sun has finally shown up last weekend. We were in the south and dropped by at ToHo Restaurant Antigua.  We really had a sulit sumptuous lunch (burp) :D The spicy squid and the ToHo Fried Rice was really really a blockbuster! It'll be great to bring your family here for a quiet lunch over the weekend. Then you can also try their ToHo Chicken, it's like Savory or Max's Chicken with a twist! ;) I've tried it before and it was hmmmmm good! Better try it! Anyway, there was a tank filled with Lapu-lapu fishes in the entrance. Personally, I hate seeing live fishes in the aquarium while eating some of their "family" members. I know I sound crazy, but sometimes I also pity those animals that we eat. Okay now I'm too melodramatic.  

Here's ToHo Restaurant's Menu:
16 President Avenue Teofel Subdivision BF Homes, Metro Manila10:00am - 10:00pm(02) 820-0668 to 69 

P.S.  for "melodramatic" people like me : The fishes in the aquarium are not always there. Sometimes they're already in the kitchen... Or sometimes on your belly. Now I'm kidding! haha

xx Anne G. 

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