Wednesday, July 18, 2012

OUTFIT POST: Black and White Retro Wednesday

It's casual retro Wednesday! Skies are a bit gloomy so I really can't wear heels. It will be "buwis buhay" or life threatening to ride public transportation wearing heels on rainy days.  Plus, I really feel lazy to wear formal clothes today because tomorrow I'll be out for the whole day for meetings so technically I have to wear the "proper" attire. Wish me luck for the best deals! haha! xx

oversized top/mini dress - Overrun Store in Mandaluyong
leggings/tights - bazaar
sunglasses - bazaar 
checkered earrings - gifted
moustache ring - Carriedo
black and white polka dots usamimi - bazaar near LRT 2 Santolan Station
white sandals - Rusty Lopez

 Anne G.

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