Sunday, July 1, 2012

Kaviar Creations Shop

There are certain reasons why women love to buy and collect accessories. And one of them is because women could express their personality through simple to elegant pieces. 

KAVIAR CREATIONS are handcrafted work of wearable art. Gives texture and that extra punch of fabulosity to any outfit. 

Update and revive old favorites and make them look new and fresh by topping them off with these trendsetting pieces!

Ms. Veronica, the owner of the lovely shop, Kaviar Creations, sent me some of her wonderful works of art last time! :) 

I call this one candy drops!!! The beads looks like gum balls and grape fruit candies! **good for the sweet tooth** 
 This one I call the "purple eyes of the sky". It reflects like I'm looking at the purple skies up above. So classy and sophisticated! ♥ 
I named this one "rose feathers wrap". It can be a head piece, necklace or even an elastic bracelet (depends on your creativity on how to use it)! The feathers are peacock feathers ah! That's why the feathers look glittery which adds more beauty to this piece!
 The last but definitely won't be the least, the "turquoise egg". Do you know how much I love the color of "turquoise"? A LOT!!! Because it's soothing and very pleasing to the eyes. It catches attention but not shouting to call for it. 
 Kaviar Creations are hand made to perfection. Each piece is created with distinct quality and creativity. It's the ART made for the sophisticated YOU.
 For inquiries, please visit Kaviar Creations on Facebook.

Thank you Ms. Veronica for these loveleeey pieces! x

Anne G.

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