Tuesday, July 31, 2012

BROW FILES : My Top 11 Female Celebrity Brow List

Eyebrows. Eyebrows. Eyebrows.

Some people don't really take time to "properly" groom them. But it's really important to groom and shape them properly. 

I love to watch movies and browse the internet. And I love to see women with prominent eyebrows. They serve as my reference/model in shaping my brows.

So, here are my TOP 11 Female Celebrities with Notable Eyebrows

1. Anne Hathaway
From Mia Thermopolis of The Princess Diaries to Cat Woman of Dark Knight Rises. 
She's really one of my favorite actresses. She can make any movie scene funny.

2. Kate Middleton
The Duchess of Cambridge
Her Fairy-Tale life story is enough to make every girl hold on to their fairy-tale dream wedding.

3. Emma Stone
The lady with stunning eyes.
She is one of the girls who always gets the geeky roles. 
From The House Bunny to Easy A and now The Amazing Spider Man.

4. Kiera Knightley 
The English Actress with a lovely accent. 
I took notice of her when she joined Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) at The Pirates of the Caribbean.

5. Penélope Cruz
I'm an avid fan of suspense and thriller films, and I've known her for her role in Gothika

6. Lucy Hale
To be honest, I'm not really watching Pretty Little Liars. 
I was just allured by her eyes and brows when she visited the Philippines for a brand endorsement.

7. Aishwarya Rai
Miss India 1994
She recently gave birth to a baby girl and gained baby pounds. 
But her beauty still remained the same as I've seen her in The Mistress of Spices.

8. Megan Fox
The sexy girl from the Transformers and now an expectant mom.
Every man knows her. 
(Believe me. Even your boyfie does.)

9. Kim Kardashian
The American Socialite
She and her family is best known for their status.
You'll know her especially when you're a fan of"Keeping Up with the Kardashians".
(Most of my gay friends know her.)

10. Lily Collins
The daughter of the musician, Phil Collins. 
She's the pretty girl from the movie, Priest.  

11. Camilla Belle
No, she's not the twin sister of Megan Fox.
She's the little Cathy Bowman from The Lost World: Jurassic Park  
and recently Nora Dominguez of From Prada to Nada 

Who are your top favorite celebrities with notable eyebrows? Make a list and don't forget to share them!  

xx Anne G. 

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Churbish Shop x Thrifted Away Blog Giveaway

One of the most classic and will never fade fashion trend is the NAUTICAL LOOK

Navy blue, white and red. Sailor dress, stripes, scarf, buttons, anchors and chains. 
It's an ever iconic fashion trend that you will never go wrong aside from the red lipstick. 

So who are the celebrities sported that look? 
Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) of Gossip Girl 
Taylor Swift
Kate Middleton
So now, it's time for a blog giveaway once again!!

Get a chance to win White Chained Necklace c/o Churbish Shop to complete your Nautical Outfit! 
(Local Residents Only)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck lovely thrifters! 

xx Anne G. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rain for the Orphans

"Save for the Rainy Days", I can always hear that from my mom. Rainy days are the least expected season for orphans. Due to inclement weather, few visitors arrive and donate during this season. It's a hunger season for the orphans. Orphanages are not only for infants and kids, they also accept the elderly.

Last stormy weekend, my mom and I visited her former officemate at the orphanage in Manila. Let's call her Tita DongMy mom and I used to visit her every month when we were still living in the city. But because we moved towards the east and it's a bit far, we have to schedule our visits. 

Tita Dong recently celebrated her 87th birthday this July 19. She was an orphan. She believed that she was left by her Spanish father in the orphanage since she was a little kid. It's very evident with pointed nose and skin like the mestizas. She never got married that is why she returned to her so-called "home". She's riding a wheel chair because she cannot see and walk anymore. 

Then I met a new lola or grandma. She just came last year. Her name is Elizabeth. (Grandma who never got married are called Tita or Aunt) Tita Elizabeth is 63 years old. Her pretty face and gracefulness is really alluring. I can see that she came from a wealthy family, that's why I was surprised to see her. She told me that her whole family was swindled. All of their assets turned into nothing because of a pyramiding scam and now, she and her sister have to deal living in the orphanage. 

Tita Elizabeth's love story is very interesting. She had 3 boyfriends. The first, got married to another woman. The second was hesitant. Then her last boyfriend was a doctor but died. During her relationship with the doctor, she also had a special friend, Lolo (grandpa) Ogie. Lolo Ogie is now in the US Navy. Tita Elizabeth never got married when her last boyfriend died, while Lolo Ogie got married in the US because he thought that Tita Elizabeth will never love her. 

Recently, a friend of Lolo Ogie visited the orphanage and found Tita Elizabeth again. Lolo Ogie would send text messages to her that he was never happy with his marriage. On May next year, Lolo Ogie will go back here in the Philippines. (And I'm looking forward to their love story! hihi) 

Unlike Tita Dong, Tita Elizabeth can still walk and roam around. I was told that all of the lolas who can still walk will be the ones to assists the lolas who are in wheel chair especially when there are no caregivers. 

The orphanage has a little church inside. I think it can only hold at around 100-150 visitors. 

Before my mom and I went home, we stopped by at Dunkin' Donuts for a warm break.

You know, orphans long for visitors. They feel loved and special. That is why we try our best to visit Tita Dong as often as we can

Donald Duck shirt
Scarf - 2n1 DIY
Skirt - Overrun Store in Mandaluyong
Ring - c/o Personalized Accessories

P.S. If you wish to donate to the orphanage, feel free to comment below your email address. I'll send the address and telephone number of the orphanage through private message.

xx Anne G.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fake Tattoos x Thrifted Away


I must admit that I'm really really delayed with my posts and I apologize to my sponsors. Last month, I got an offer of collaboration from Ms. Ana of Fake Tattoos. I really love putting fake tattoos when I was a little kid, I feel like I'm a freakin' rockstar when I have one and that is why I love Fake Tattoos!

Fake Tattoos is a European-Swedish owned company which produces non-toxic hypoallergenic temporary tattoos. Linda Johansson, owner, was inspired by the Chanel fashion reports during the spring in 2010 that made her saw the growth of business potential of temporary tattoos intended for adults.

Fake tattoos can lasts up to 2-5 days, depends on where you put the tattoo. They also customize tattoos. Just give them the illustration and they'll process it for you!

And now, you can avail 10% off of everything in Fake Tattoos.
Just enter the VIP code: Disco fever

They ship worldwide and they ship within 48 hours. So hurry! hurry! Clock is ticking! 

VIP code is valid until JULY 31, 2012.

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xx Anne G. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

FREE Hair Makeover by Schwarzkopf Professional Philippines

I received a short noticed invitation from Ms. Yannie. 
Schwarzkopf Professional Philippines will be having a FREE TOTAL HAIR MAKEOVER to one of my lucky readers this Thursday

1. Open to female with below the shoulders to long hair only.
2. Should be able to come this Thursday 11am in Pasig, Philippines. If you are not free on this day, please do not join to avoid conflict of schedule.

Here's how to join and it's easy as 1-2-3! 

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Deadline for the submission of entries will be at exactly 12 midnight of July 25, 2012 (Wednesday).

Good luck thrifters! 

xx Anne G. 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

2N1 DIY : Winter Scarf to Summer Cropped Top

Rain is pouring outside and my creative juices are also pouring. It only happens once in a blue moon and because I love my readers so much, I'm taking this opportunity to share my latest DIY (Do-It-Yourself) reinvention to my lovely readers!

I love reinventing things because it doesn't require much money and hence, you're making those old stuffs "new" again. I know most of you and your family members have a lot of clothes that you don't really use anymore. Did you know that you could reinvent them for two seasons?
Winter/Rainy Season
**Ring c/o Braccialetto Filipina 

Requirements : 
1. Big old Tee (T-shirt).  - You can get them probably on your dad's old closet where he haven't opened for years. Just make sure it's not his fave or else you're doomed!
2.  A sharp Clothing Scissors. 
3. Cutting Skills. - Not the one who is an expert on escaping from classes. :D

Let the DIY lesson begin!

  Fold  the shirt horizontically
 Cut it horizontically.
The lower part of the shirt instantly becomes the scarf perfect for cold/rainy season!

 Now that you already have the scarf, let's do the summer cropped top! 

 Fold the sleeves of the shirt. 
Cut them vertically. Do it on both sleeves.
 Now for the fringe, Cut the both sides of the sleeves. 
Fold the shirt vertically with the front side outside the fold. 
 Get only the front side of the shirt.
 Cut it at vertically at around 5 inches.
 Tie it. and now, you have your summer cropped top! 
Weeee! I hope you enjoyed my 2n1 DIY for today. :) 

Show me some la-la-love and post your own creations on thrifted away's Facebook fan page too!

Happy crafting! xx

♥ Anne G.
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