Monday, June 25, 2012

Seen that Scene : Pop that Peplum!

I've seen that popping peplum whenever I go to fashion shows/launches. But, what is peplum in the first place?! 
It's the short overskirt or ruffle attached at the waistline of a jacket, blouse, or dress. 

"Peplum has two distinct and almost wholly separate definitions. Its early origins are Greek, and peplum simply was the word for tunic. To this end, the numerous sword and sandal films are often called peplum films, or the whole genre is referred to as peplum.

The second definition of peplum, which is relatively unrelated to the first, does also describe clothing. The peplum, a term dating back to the 19th century, is a short overskirt that is usually attached to a fitted jacket. You can see early examples of the peplum in old copies of Godey’s Lady’s Book, a popular magazine in the 19th century that featured poems and especially discussion about fashion.
This early peplum was usually not attached to a jacket, but was merely an extra overskirt flounce sewn onto, and dropping from the waist. The modern peplum, as we now know it, became popular as a design in women’s suiting in the 1940s. Here it took on its most recognizable form. Suit jackets were often fitted at the waist, but fabric extended beyond the waist in an overskirt. A couple of different styles of peplum emerged." - Wise Geek

Why is peplum a trend?

It's because anybody can hide those unflattering tummies and flaunt those dangerous on that extra fabric!
Blake Lively
 Remember to keep this golden rule when wearing a peplum : 
Voluptuous body, keep it tight. Thin, keep it loose.  
Pencil skirts fit to almost all body types. Keep the extra fabric high to look thinner and keep it low to create more volume.

Tight hugging peplums accentuate the curves of a voluptuous woman and loose peplums create an illusion of a bigger hips to a thin woman.

Here's what I've seen during the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012:
SM Ladies' Fashion
The Ramp Crossings
So tell me what's yours? :)

♥ Anne G.

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