Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mary & Maria Online Boutique

Have you ever thought of sharing while shopping? I know an online boutique with a good cause. 

It's Mary and Maria Online Boutique! 

They take pride in translating shopping to sharing. Every penny spent is a cumulative effort to contribute to a partner organization. It's the inspirational shopping that makes giving such an extravagant enthusiasm. There will be no guilt feelings while shopping!

Mary & Maria supports women of Golden Needle--these are sewers or mananahes who sew all kinds of stuff like bags, caps, pouches, etc. for a living. Mary & Maria gives out a reusable shopping bag sewn by these women from Sual, Pangasinan.
Another group they support is Dam Good Stuff, Inc. This is a cooperative that provides livelihood to the women who were relocated due to the development of San Roque Dam in San Roque, Pangasinan. These women are taught how to hand-make beautiful export-quality accessories which are also sold through their website.
What differentiates Mary & Maria from other boutiques? Most of their items are NOT mass-produced and cannot be found elsewhere. They promote local fashion designers and do it in par with foreign brands.


They offer tastefully selected pieces and well curated finds from past and current collections for your eclectic shopping experience. They do not stock up on too many items just for the sake of having a wide selection, but rather, they pre-select one-of-a-kind limited pieces, specially from Filipino designers, to save you the time and hassle of having to browse through unnecessary items.

They also feature exclusive series from celebrated and upcoming designers. So click away--choose, pick, shop from our scrumptious collection before it comfortably relocates to your girlfriend's chic trove. It should be you to strut the bragging rights.

Visit their website at http://maryandmaria.com.ph/

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