Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Freeway x Levi Celerio Tribute

Philippines has a very colorful culture. It is painted with arts, written in literature and sung by music. Every artist has a vital role in shaping our culture. It is our identity. 
One of the best ways to celebrate our culture is by honoring our very own National Artists.
And last June 4, 2012, Freeway, a well known clothing brand in the Philippines, paid tribute to one of the National Artists in the field of Music, Mr. Levi Celerio, at the Row Glorietta 5 in Makati.
It's the fusion of fashion and culture in one clothing line. Since 2009, they have already honored different National Artists. It is a very clever idea to remind the younger and upcoming generations about the foundations of the Filipino culture. It is one way of expressing the "Nationalistic" Filipino inside us. 

The evening started with a mouthful catering buffet. (My ultimate favorite) Baked Lasagna, Chicken Kabab, Spinach and Peta Phyllo, Pan de Sal w/ Kesong puti and Chocolate cake for dessert. 
Giselle Toengi, the first Freeway endorser, hosted the event. (Notice her skirt! Love it!)
Ms. Pilita Corrales pumped up the audience as she sang Levi Celerio's compositions such as Ugoy ng Duyan,  Ang Pipit and more. With Mr. Levi's 4,000 compositions, I shall say he was born to create music! 

Ms. Pilita Corrales and her signature pose! 

A cute little girl also joined Ms. Pilita on the stage! 
After Ms. Pilita sang Mr. Levi Celerio's famous compositions, Ms. G Toengi had a little discussion about Mr. Levi's great compositions with Dr. Antonio Hila, a cultural historian and music critic, and Ms. Pilita Corrales, the Asia's Queen of Songs.  
Ms. Sheree Roxas Chua-Gotuaco, Owner of Freeway, gave thanks to all those who supported them all the way! 

Freeway Levi Celerio Collection is already available at all Freeway branches! :)  

PHOTO OP!!!! :) 
w/ Ms. Sheree
w/ Ms. G Toengi   
w/ Anagon The Fashionista Commuter
w/ Paul The PR Guy 
Thank you so much Freeway for invites! :) 

By the way, the mini harmonica's really cool! ;) 

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