Monday, June 18, 2012

Braccialetto Filipina

Elegance is something from within. It can't be forced. But it's a choice to be "elegant".

Accessories are vital on completing the look that you want to achieve. They can either make or break the whole look. By accessories, you can spice up those "boring" and "unflattering" outfits. 

Personally, I'm a huge fan of accessories! I used to have a vast collection, but we moved from South to East, and I wasn't able to bring all of them. 

Recently, I met an entrepreneur, Ms. Marse, on Facebook and she owns Braccialetto Filipina. Couture accessories made affordable for Filipina and Filipina by heart. Braccialetto Filipina is an italian term for Filipina bracelets. 
 I browsed through their albums and I like the vibe of their shop. Elegant. Classic. and most of all Affordable! 
I got time warped. 

Accessories made for the Modern Maria Clara. 

The timeless and classic pieces that never fade.

Choose Braccialetto Filipina.

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♥ Anne G. 

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