Saturday, June 30, 2012

BLOGGING - The Formula for SUCCESS'!

Are you a blogger who wants to take blogging to the HIGHEST LEVEL? Or just an "awesome" blogger who wants to make blogging as a profession? :)   
Come and join as they bring Mr. Anton Diaz of to inspire more bloggers to take blogging to the HIGHEST LEVEL on July 13, 2012!
The Course Outline of the Workshop will be as follows:

1. Top Mistakes Newbie Blogger Makes that destroys their brand and credibility on Day 1.
2. Critical Elements of a Successful Blog which I learned from 7 years of professional Blogging Experience.
3. How to Blog (from a Pro-Blogger Point of View)?
4. Marketing Strategies for your blog: SEO, Social Media and Email Marketing
5. How to Grow your Readership Base Exponentially?
6. How to Monetize your Blog 101 (Google Adsense, Direct Ads)
7. Top Considerations before Quitting your Day Job and going Full Time on Blogging

Click here for more deets! ♥

Hope to see you there! x

♥ Anne G. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kitty Says Hello to Summer Dream x Thrifted Away Blog Giveaway!

I personally love Kitty and Mimi! I used to watch Hello Kitty's Paradise after the Sunday TV Mass on ABS-CBN when I was a kid. I get pissed off when they put Kerokeroppi on air instead of Hello Kitty's Paradise! 
Please read until the end of this post. You don't need to finish this vid. Haha!

I'm a Hello Kitty fan since grade school. Old friends from my school know me as "pusa" because during my birthday in 5th grade I came to school with a red Hello Kitty back pack, pencil case, socks, pencil, ballpen, wallet, even my 3210 cellphone case is Hello Kitty!
I just have one question, why Kitty has more endorsements and boutiques than Mimi? I thought they were sisters? Do they have a kitty rivalry? Haha! Just a thought. 
Life will always be sunny, just learn how to look up, pray and smile. :) And my lovely sponsor, Summer Dream, is giving away TWO Hello Kitty Glasses to TWO Lucky Kitty Thrifters to keep you smiling! Yehey! 

(Local residents only)
Summer Dream shop is a blooming accessory shop that will not only tickle your fancies but will serve you whimsical and delightful accessories that will definitely add spice to your outfit! 

Hit it Kitties! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

♥ Anne G.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Seen that Scene : Pop that Peplum!

I've seen that popping peplum whenever I go to fashion shows/launches. But, what is peplum in the first place?! 
It's the short overskirt or ruffle attached at the waistline of a jacket, blouse, or dress. 

"Peplum has two distinct and almost wholly separate definitions. Its early origins are Greek, and peplum simply was the word for tunic. To this end, the numerous sword and sandal films are often called peplum films, or the whole genre is referred to as peplum.

The second definition of peplum, which is relatively unrelated to the first, does also describe clothing. The peplum, a term dating back to the 19th century, is a short overskirt that is usually attached to a fitted jacket. You can see early examples of the peplum in old copies of Godey’s Lady’s Book, a popular magazine in the 19th century that featured poems and especially discussion about fashion.
This early peplum was usually not attached to a jacket, but was merely an extra overskirt flounce sewn onto, and dropping from the waist. The modern peplum, as we now know it, became popular as a design in women’s suiting in the 1940s. Here it took on its most recognizable form. Suit jackets were often fitted at the waist, but fabric extended beyond the waist in an overskirt. A couple of different styles of peplum emerged." - Wise Geek

Why is peplum a trend?

It's because anybody can hide those unflattering tummies and flaunt those dangerous on that extra fabric!
Blake Lively
 Remember to keep this golden rule when wearing a peplum : 
Voluptuous body, keep it tight. Thin, keep it loose.  
Pencil skirts fit to almost all body types. Keep the extra fabric high to look thinner and keep it low to create more volume.

Tight hugging peplums accentuate the curves of a voluptuous woman and loose peplums create an illusion of a bigger hips to a thin woman.

Here's what I've seen during the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012:
SM Ladies' Fashion
The Ramp Crossings
So tell me what's yours? :)

♥ Anne G.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Isabelli Na Kayo x Thrifted Away INTERNATIONAL Blog Giveaway!

Who are still up for prizes?! Me! Me!

Ms. Liz of Isabelli Na Kayo is very generous to give my LUCKY THRIFTERS Gift Certificates! **Lucky you!**

Isabelli Na Kayo is an online shop I found on Facebook back when I was still in college. Honestly, it was the first online shop I've ever tried!

I've known her shop for years, and she's 100% LEGIT SELLER and I guarantee the Good Quality of her products. The shop has been known for low priced Korean and branded apparels.


And for today, Isabelli Na Kayo is giving away:
-TWO Php 300 worth of Gift Certificates at her very own Isabelli Na Kayo
-And ONE Php 500 worth of Gift Certificates at Isabelli Na Kayo

TAKE NOTE: Isabelli Na Kayo caters ALL genders and ALL ages! 

This contest is OPEN INTERNATIONALLY. So, join now! :) 

Follow the Rafflecopter instructions to join:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Php 300 worth of Gift Certificates at Isabelli Na Kayo:
1. Kate Ryan
2. Hazel Cruz

And Php 500 worth of Gift Certificate to :
 Liza Vladyka 

Wait for my message for the instructions! Happy shopping! :) 

Thank you so much for joining dear thrifters! Watch out for the next blog Giveaway! ;) 

♥ Anne G. 

Braccialetto Filipina

Elegance is something from within. It can't be forced. But it's a choice to be "elegant".

Accessories are vital on completing the look that you want to achieve. They can either make or break the whole look. By accessories, you can spice up those "boring" and "unflattering" outfits. 

Personally, I'm a huge fan of accessories! I used to have a vast collection, but we moved from South to East, and I wasn't able to bring all of them. 

Recently, I met an entrepreneur, Ms. Marse, on Facebook and she owns Braccialetto Filipina. Couture accessories made affordable for Filipina and Filipina by heart. Braccialetto Filipina is an italian term for Filipina bracelets. 
 I browsed through their albums and I like the vibe of their shop. Elegant. Classic. and most of all Affordable! 
I got time warped. 

Accessories made for the Modern Maria Clara. 

The timeless and classic pieces that never fade.

Choose Braccialetto Filipina.

Show us some la-la-love!
Like and visit them on Facebook.
Like my blog on Facebook to get the latest updates! :) 

♥ Anne G. 

Isabelli Na Kayo

Thrifted away was created to set as a guide to fashionistas and bargain hunters who have a tight budget (like me!). :)

Each week I'll be featuring item(s) from different shops/stores which I find interesting. 

And for my first post, let me introduce to you : Isabelli Na Kayo!

Isabelli Na Kayo is an online shop I found on Facebook back when I was still in college. Honestly, it was the first online shop I've ever tried.

Most of their items are Korean apparel but now they're also embracing the love of branded apparels such as Forever 21. 

Last June 12 (Philippine Independence Day), I received a package from Isabelli Na Kayo delivered by LBC! I was surprised to see the delivery man since that day was a holiday. 
My mom and I were so excited to open the parcel. She even handed me the scissors so we can see what's inside!! 

Tadaaaaa! It's the animal print dress! 
The studs were really awesome!
They're attached and pinned down. So, there will be no worries of losing the studs while in the laundry! 
The cloth is very fine. No extra dangling threads and the cloth is perfectly cut.
It's also double lining!


Delivery ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 5/5
Quality   ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 5/5
Fit           ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥    4/5

Fast delivery. Check!
Perfect Quality. Check!
Fit. I have humongous arms. haha! (check out my outfit post here!)

Show us some la-la-love! ♥
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♥ Anne G. 

Outfit Post : Print in the City

Live life when you're still young, and love life when you get old. 
The only limits on your life are those that you set yourself.
Dream BIG. Aim High.
Leave prints in the city before you depart. Walk barefoot if you have to. 

I think it's about time to take blogging into the next level! I've been thinking about it and I've made up my mind. I'll be having weekly outfit posts!! Yehey!

Thank you for those who believed, I'll try my best to achieve. :)

Animal Print Dress - c/o Isabelli Na Kayo
Velvet Coat - thrifted
White Wooden Platform - gifted
Animal print ring - Carriedo

♥ Anne G. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Philippine Fashion Week Day 5 - Penshoppe : IMPACT

Last May 26, 2012, I got the opportunity to watch the Penshoppe : IMPACT Fashion Show.
Upon arriving the SMX hall, employees and marshalls were scattered to assist the invited guests. It was one of the most organized fashion shows I've attended. Kudos to the organizers! 

The show is about to start. 

Hit play --->

I really like the back drop of the show. Colorful but not overly done. Simple but pleasing and surprising!

The Show started with their Chambray Collection. Denims and Khakis. To Checks and Splatter. Corporate and Party Chic.
The Final Showcase. 
And the most awaited moment. . . They showed the teaser of Penshoppe: All Stars Campaign which made the audience really excited! 
So, why did I come to the show? There were only two reasons!

1. Leighton Meester of Gossip Girl! 
She was really into the overwhelming happiness and excitement of the audience! 
So, what's the second reason??

2. Mario Maurer!!! 
The crowd really got wild when he came out! I can't blame the girls sitting next to me if they were so enthralled! Who wouldn't be?! Especially when you're a big fan of his film "Crazy Little Thing Called Love a.k.a. First Love"! (Thanks to cookie monster, my college friend, who introduced me to his movie!) 
Indeed! It was one successful event! 
Thank you for the sponsor of my invite, you know who you are. haha! :) 

I wasn't really prepared for this. So, I just came with denims. 
When the show ended, people took the stage for photo ops! haha
And before I went home, I bumped into this cute guy with girls taking photos with him. I can't resist his charm so I took a snap. haha! 
Congrats Penshoppe for the wonderful show! :) 

♥ Anne G.
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