Friday, May 11, 2012

Lucky Saizen Thrifters! ♥

My first blog giveaway was a blast!!! Whew! Thank you so much for all the support and love! 

I am very very grateful of Saizen, especially to Ms. Josette and sir Arthur of Saizen Robinsons Galleria branch, thank you very very much Saizen for supporting my blog!! 

I would love to do it again! :) 

And here are the TWO LUCKY THRIFTERS who'll shop their hearts out at Saizen! 

Ms. Roquesa Bea P. Raynes 
Ms. Vangeline Nuñez

Both of you won P1,500.00 worth of SHOPPING SPREE at Saizen!

Wait for me to contact you so we can schedule the shopping date! :)

And for those who joined my first blog giveaway, I would like to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart! (geez, I need tissue to wipe my tears. haha)

I know I'm just a neophyte here in the world of blogging. Please please please continue to support my blog. Don't get discouraged if you didn't win this time. Maybe something BIGGER and BETTER awaits you on my next giveaways! (Better watch out for that!)

Feel free to comment and suggest topics that you want me to feature. I would love to hear your stories and experiences! You can share it on my Facebook fan page and show me some la-la-love!   

 Anne G. 

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