Thursday, May 10, 2012

DIY : Ombré

Our hair is our crowning glory. For it gives us innumerous glorious memorable moments. Can you imagine flirting or being "pa-cute" without flipping your hair? It'll be so so hard to do it!

I believe that hair plays a vital role on completing the look you want to reach. It can either make or break your whole get up. 

As for this year's hair trend, Ombré is the word! Ombré is a French word meaning shaded or shading. Getting an ombré hair color is having a darker hair color on the roots with lighter color at the ends.
It became so popular when celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Lauren Conrad, Jessica Biel and Rachel Bilson strutted this look. 
As for Lauren Conrad, she blew the minds of the people by having a pink ombré. For fashion people who loves edgy look and PINK, they surely loved it. And as for the ANTI-PINK people, they think that her hair is a unicorn's tail. 
Photo from The Beauty Department
Lately, I feel so bored with my hair. I want a fresh new look. I don't have the guts to color my tresses with pink since I'm working and dealing with clients. They might think that it is inappropriate in the corporate world. But I'm really planning to have ombré soon but not pink. 

As for now, enough of the excuses! There is also an option for temporary pink ombré. (Yehey!) 
Photo from Savannah of Oh So Pretty the Diaries
This is taken from Savannah of OH SO PRETTY the DIARIES. Here are the steps: 
1. Wet your hair where you want the color to be.
2. Twist your hair and stroke with a soft pastel (like the chalky kind you create art with.)
3. Let hair dry and run a brush through the hair to remove excess chalk.
4. Style your hair in a way where it will not move a lot. It is best to braid your hair or pin it up in a bun to save your clothes from forming into the color of your hair. (wear a black top to wear your hair down.)

And oh, if you want to make it more colorful you can also mix it with blue, green and purple pastels.  
So, what do you think? :) 

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