Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Purple Groom - Feline Edition

Tammy is my almost-2-year old cat. He was given to me by my boyfriend. Tammy came from the word "tummy" because of his rounded belly. He has a blood of a short haired siamese cat.

Tammy loves to go out, travel and see people. 

And for today, Ms. Carmel de la Cruz, owner of The Purple Groom Xavierville branch, gave my sweet and cuddly Tammy a treat! 
1. Shower
2. Nail Trimming
3. Bubble Bath! 
4. Blow Dry

Tadaaa! A fresher, huggable Tammy! 

My mom and I with super huggable Tammy!
We're really grateful for the first full grooming experience of Tammy! His paws got softer and no worries from claw scratches! 

Thanks to The Purple Groom Xavierville branch! 

You can visit them at #73, Xavierville Ave, Loyola Heights, QC (shop is in front of BPI Xavierville)

Operating hours: Monday to Sunday, 9AM-9PM
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 ♥ Anne G. 

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