Monday, April 16, 2012

Love on a Cruise ♥

Where can you find the one that you'll LOVE

Café? Bar? Restaurant? Park? 

Let me share to you our story. . .

I was an aspiring honor student. I'm not into breaking traditions. I usually take what is handed to me. 

I used to enroll at block sections. Then, I've decided to take up one sem with free sections (meaning I'll have classmates from different courses). I had a P.E. class with only 20-25 students. We were very few because it was early. Thanks to our professor she didn't petitioned it as a tutorial class because we were below 30 students. Physical Education 2 is all about dancing (ballroom and folk dance). 

Sorry, I have to expose this little secret we have. haha! 

During our first periodical examination, a guy from our class approached me to ask for answers. I was surprised that he did that. First of all, I don't even know him. And second, he got a high grade close to mine! You know that feeling? The feeling that you have stayed up all night to review then somebody whom you don't even know will come up to you and ask for answers?!! From that moment, I said to myself that I shall remember that face and never to share answers with him ever again! 

Wanna know a tip on how to surely get the name of your crush in your class? Get it while you're professor is having a roll call! 

Mine was a different story, I got his name because I am deeply irritated by him. Finals came. Groupings need to be formed for presentation and we were only 5 students who attended the class. We need 6 people to form one group. The irritating man was rushing to come to class! And guess what, he was the last member to belong in our group. Errr. 

Final exam came. We have to rush our presentation . I was teaching the "el bimbo" dance but there was no male student around EXCEPT the irritating man! 

I was trying to demonstrate on how it should be done but he refused to take my hand! I was really curious why he did that. "Are my hands dirty?" was on my mind. 

Weeks have passed, we started to exchange messages. And then the irritating man change into I-love-you-so-much-man. That was our story.

We've been together since college. 

Recently, we celebrated our 4th Anniversary. We ate at Chef d' Angelo. It was all-you-can-eat buffet for only P 170-175.00! 

He told me that he has a surprise. And so for the first time, he drove for me, since he only had his driver's license recently.  
These wedges were so comfy and they only costs Php 150.00
 Then he revealed his surprise, we're going to have our lovely sunset dinner via Sun Cruises
I think it was really sweet of him to surprise me, but it was the sweetest of him when he thought of this! There were also several guests who were also celebrating their anniversaries and along with some tourists who were enjoying the beauty of the Philippines. We also met a kid from Palawan adopted by Australians, I shall not name him to keep their privacy. The kid was really friendly and excited to be the imaginary captain of our cruise. 

Here's what we can see from the port : 
Manila Skyscrapers

The ferry left the port at around 7p.m. And dinner were served! We had Fried Chicken, Pork Steaks, some veggies and coffee jelly for dessert. There was also a singer and a guitarist wherein guests can request for songs.
Just the perfect moment, it was also New Moon that night!  
MOA eyeing the New Moon
This is just one of most perfect nights on a cruise. 

It was one perfect night. A night that will always be remembered. 

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♥ Anne G. 

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