Sunday, April 22, 2012

Getting Personal with Personalized Accessories

Last Tuesday morning, my mom handed me a package from LBC. 
Curious and excited enough., I jumped off my bed to see the package.
Yes! It's the package I've been waiting for!!
I added a ribbon to spice up my Eiffel Tower acrylic necklace 
Acrylic black star ring and Acrylic Aqua Blue ribbon ring 
I'm in love with Paris. Just anything with Eiffel Tower, I fall in love. And no doubt, I fell in love with these accessories! 
Personalized Accessories is one of the best accessories you could have. It's something personal, and it expresses your individuality. 

You can contact Personalized Accessories :
Ms. Joan: +639175404393 / +639223816846
E-mail them at

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♥ Anne G. 

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