Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tip #2 - Attend Free Craft Lessons

“We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master” 
- Ernest Hemingway
Craft is a gift and a skill that can be acquired through constant practice. 

And how do we learn a new craft? The answer is :

Tip #2 

Attend Free Craft Lessons!

        Yes, there are still FREE things in this world that you can still enjoy. Learning a new craft is one of the best ways to squeeze out your creative juices without damaging your tight budget. 

 Maning's started out as a textile shop in 1976.
By the year 2000, they switched their specialty to crafts and electric pleating.
Maning's was named after the father-in-law of the owner, Ms. Lulu So. 

     Last Saturday (March 24, 2012), Maning's invited Coats Manila Bay to host a free craft workshop on crochet and knitting. It was a 3-day free workshop held at New Farmers Plaza, Cubao from March 22-25, 2012. 

    To join the workshop, students have to buy yarn and needle (costs Php100.00 or less) from Coats Manila Bay that are available inside the store. Students were required to bring their own scissors.  
Ms. Jackie is teaching her new student, Rose Marie, 30, on how to knit a scarf.
Hands-on knitting tutorial.
Ms. Cora, they call her as the champion of crochet.
She is fond of reading books about crochet to gain more knowledge and techniques.
Veteran crochet and knit enthusiasts gather together to learn new techniques. 
Ms. Jackie's ongoing project.
     Free craft workshop caters to all ages. Ms. Jacqueline Reyes, Coats Manila Bay Marketing Supervisor, said that the youngest that she have handled was a 8-year old kid who finished a knitted scarf from her one day workshop. She also handles seminars for teachers. The latest was she hosted a seminar for 300-800 TLE teachers at Batangas. For invitations, you may call (02) 570-18-17 to 33 or 570-18-31 to 37.
Washy paper, Php 20.00
Washy paper is used to make Pysanky eggs.
    Aside from knits and crochets, Maning's also offers cross stitch, beaded wallet, and decorative egg workshop. It depends upon their posted schedule. Ms. Lulu So, owner of Maning's, is the expert on creating decorative eggs. She can teach Pysanky and beaded egg making. 

Beaded Wallets are personally made
by Ms. Lulu's staff
Finished Pysanky, beaded and hand painted eggs are also available.
Saturday's attendees.
Left to Right: Ms. Jacqueline Reyes, Ms. Lulu So and I.
Staff of Maning's.
      So, If you are into crafts and wanted to learn a new skill, Maning's is the best place for you. 

Maning's is located at 
2nd Flr , F-11 New Farmers Plaza, 
Cubao, Quezon City. 

For inquiries, you can contact them at (02) 438-41-46. 

  Anne G. 

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