Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tip #1 - Watch Plays of your Alma Mater

Living in this world can be a total wallet wrecker

From the moment you live, 'til the last day you breathe, your purse is wrecked. 

But there are ways on how to look fabulous and live wonderfully without getting your wallet split into half and this is why I started Thrifted Away.

Tip #1
Watch Plays of your Alma Mater.

     School life can be really harsh yet wonderful. We spend most of our childhood-teenage years at school. Looking back and reminiscing school life is a great thing to do. Sporting numerous unimaginable outfits and laughing at your oopsie doopsie moments. 

Addams Family
     Last Saturday, I was able to visit my Alma Mater. (Trivia : I've been with Adamson University for more than a decade). Some of my friends invited me to watch their play. Take note: This is for FREE. They had two slots, Friday and Saturday. Luckily, I was available on a Saturday. I've seen their presentations - Burlesque, Moulin Rouge, Nine, Grease, Cats and Addams Family. It was so nice to reminisce the stress, pressure and the fun of being a part of the theater. 

     Of course, one of the best ways to reminisce college life is by eating your favorite meal inside the school canteen! 

Paj Grill
   Back in college, they used to give enormous amount of servings for only P51.00. But a year has already passed and now it costs P 55.00. It also comes with a medium sized orange juice.

   I also got the chance to see some of my friends back in High School and watch the play together. 

The After Show
Left to Right: Myself, Jeny and my best friend Minalin.
During the intermission break with Jeny.
     Going back to my Alma Mater can be pretty critical. Old professors, classmates and school officials might see me and ask how I've been doing. So, getting the right outfit is really tough. Then I remembered that I bought something last month from 168 in Divisoria. So, I ended up with this outfit : 

     Living in a frugal way doesn't mean cutting off the ties with your friends and looking unglamorous. 

    We just need to find ways on how to enjoy life without getting a hole on our purses. So, join me as I blog different ways on how to look fashionable without spending to much

Cardigan - Baclaran
Turquoise Polka Dotted Dress - DiviBraided belt - Divi
Shoes - Gifted.

 Anne G. 


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