Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Race for Love Event - The Mind Museum

Race for Love, Race to Global

After visiting Maning's workshop, I headed straight to Global City in Taguig.

I don't go to Global City very often. So, we decided to take a quick tour of the place while waiting for the Race for Love event starts.

The gloomy sky.
Heavy rain is about to pour.

I tried to clean Jeny's poop.
Jeny and her imaginary dog on leash.

Circle of Life
This place never fails to amaze me. Ever since, I always find Global City astounding. Streets and buildings without the feeling of congestion. Traffic is never their problem. At last! I found a place wherein I can catch fresh air and walk freely in the city without getting worried of being hit. Haha! 
My StyleLab blouse was too big for me.
 So, I redesigned it with my ribbon hair clip.
     The skies got gloomy and heavy rain was about to pour down so we headed back to the Canopy Plaza of The Mind Museum. We roam around the place to look for anything interesting.  
Outside The Mind Museum.

        We didn't have a chance to visit inside the museum but instead, we went to The Mind Museum Store. And we found telescopes! I've always wanted to have my own telescope but let's keep it to my Impossible Wish List.
          We also found this vintage car outside the store. I remember my mom would say that my dad gave her a vintage pencil sharpener when they were still boyfriend-girlfriend that looks like this. My mom and I would tease my dad for being a sweet. Hihi. 
         After roaming around, we registered and look for my name on the guest list. I saw Dr. Margie Holmes finalizing her notes. She was wearing an orange sleeveless top and a yellow neon jeans. (nice ring too!)

     By the way, I find these chairs awesomely COOL! Jeny and I were joking that maybe we could put these 
chairs inside her United Colors of Benetton mini shoulder bag and bring it home. (Just kidding Mind Museum!) 
       The event started at exactly 4 P.M. Earlier the event, questionnaires were passed on. Dr. Margie Holmes discussed the answers of the questionnaires on the different scales of love as an introduction. Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel, a party-list representative, was also present in the audience during the said event. Dr. Holmes even discussed her scale of love. 

     "Love is as necessary as water we drink and the air we breathe.", said Dr. Holmes. 

      She discussed the importance of human touch. A warm gentle touch of a mother can make her child feel secured. She also tackled the different types of mothering. Secured, avoidant and ambivalent. Most parents reacted to it so much. 

      The question and answer portion entertained Dr. Margie a lot. People know her as the "sex guru",  she pointed out that she is trying to shift her gear away from sexuality. But she couldn't resist the pull of gravity towards sexuality, so she answered all of their queries in a wholesome tone. (because children might hear her. haha) 

with Dr. Margie Holmes
     Towards the end of the event, I managed to take a picture with her. She was very welcoming and happy. Two hours wasn't really enough to finish the talk. I would say that she's really smart and enjoying what she's been doing. Her cheerfulness is infectious and I hope to see her again. 

Anne G. 

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